About the site

Gaming Giveaways is a website with the sole focus of giving away video game merchandise and bringing you entertaining gaming news from around the web. No fees of any kind will be charged to the contest winners, and no personal information is required to enter.

People are the lifeblood of this site. In order to run this site successfully, people must be willing to visit and enter the contests. The more consistent the audience, and the more people that enter, the more we can give away! So spread the word, please!

The idea is to have fun, be active, and win some fun prizes. Good luck, and we hope you enjoy!


  1. Could you post the end time for the contests once they reach the required amount of entries? For instance, both contests now have more than 15 entries, so could you post a time that you won't be accepting any more entries so that we can more accurately count down to when the contest ends?:p

  2. I've posted some updates with the information on the contests. Hope it helps.