Sunday, December 2, 2012

Reminders and Around the web

Hello everyone! Just an update, the contests for Hitman: Absolution and ZombiU are set to close at the end of tomorrow. Just a reminder that anyone is eligible to enter both contests once a day, every day.

We're also looking for suggestions for what game to give out next, so send us an email with your choice. We'll keep you all updated with the results. 

Hitman Easter Eggs

Here we have a list of some of the fun easter eggs in Hitman. My favorite? The ice cream truck.

Nintendo Power has revealed it's last cover ever. The passing of a dynasty indeed, i'm sure many people have fond memories of this magazine.

Amazingly, the 3DS has now outsold the Gamecube. Pretty remarkable considering how the 3DS is not that old. I should have been weary when I was able to walk into Gamestop and pick up a Gamecube on launch day with no difficulties. 

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